iptv grab scripts
I sell grabbing scripts for IPTV streams direct from https://www.youtube.com, https://www.lycatv.tv/, https://tvplayer.com/, https://www.watchnrl.com/, http://www.jagobd.com/, http://play.lebara.com/cz/en/Tamil/ , http://watchsuntv.com, http://iptv.tempoafrictv.com/roku.php, http://ruhutv.com, https://live.acan.tv , http://roku.afrikastv.com/ , http://watch.ustvnow.com/guide, https://www.oraotelecom.com, https://www.yupptv.com/
1. the quality of the stream depends on the IPTV provider ( ! not on me ! )
2. I only bypass their streams security
3. if streams are encoded, I'm doing descrambling
4. scripts are updated in case of malfunction
5. as a basic engine is used apache2 + php
Script has unlimited connections, unlimited channels - working ondemand ( works with all pannels as Xtreame, Flussonic ....... or alone).
I'm installing myself. For a service is required for each script a valid account.
Price 100EURO for each script.

!!! I make scripts on demand if possible !!!