Unlike normal money, Meret are Maplestory2 Items somewhat more tricky to earn. While they aren't exactly considered premium money, you'll need to put a bit of work into getting a few. Primarily, it's important to note that these may be used to modify your appearance at the salon and purchase different items in the marketplace, among other facilities.

One of the most effective methods to get Meret in MapleStory 2 is by promoting your own creations in the match, otherwise known as user generated content. There is a particular tab on the MapleStory 2 market which lets you set any items you've got for sale, which is excellent if you learn how to make layouts for shirts or other clothing. From that point, upload your designs into the market and expect that players will be curious enough to invest in it.

If you aren't that confident with your art skills, on the flip side, there are still other ways in which you can make Meret in MapleStory 2. There are particular items with an NX label in the game that will provide players with a number of the currency when purchased. Do note, however, that the exchange rate is a bit low and you might have to spend a good deal of NX for a good amount of Meret.

MapleStory 2 is the Maplestory 2 Mesos highly anticipated sequel to the first mining game which introduced back in 2007. Unlike the original 2D side-scrolling adventures, the sequel includes a fully explorable 3D environment with fresh characters, quests, items, and more. You will also face plenty of strong enemies on your travels, and also the best method to deal with them is by developing stronger. That having been said, here is the way to accelerate quickly in MapleStory 2.